How to Keep Your Baby Safe While Flying

While you may have traveled with your kids many times during the holidays, for many family’s it is a first time that that they are taking their kids with them. One of the hardest part of traveling is when you have to travel with a toddler for the first time. Unlike infants or children above the age of 5, toddlers are very active and will want to move around which may be unsafe for them and inconveniencing for you. However, by following the following tips you can keep your toddler quiet while traveling in an airplane.

Sheryl Brown at Best Convertible Car Seat HQ has put together a list of the most important items that you need to ensure a smooth ride. These items will come in handy for traveling on automobiles, trains, planes or even just to Grandmas house. Some critical items.

Buy a Ticket for the Kid and Install a Car Seat on the Plane

If you can afford it you should definitely consider purchasing a plane seat for your kid and install a baby car seat on it. However, you need to remember that plane seats tend to be expensive particularly during the festive season and you need to book early. Nonetheless, children under the age of two can fly for free on your lap though this is not best practice. We always recommend that regardless of age the child flies in a child safety seat.

Ensure the Child is Approved for Airline Travel

Most of the car seats you buy will be FAA approved though it is always important to confirm the label to ensure that your child flies in an FAA-approved device. This is also important since some airlines may reject any car seat that is not FAA approved.

Be ready to Advocate for the Use of the Car Seat

In some instances some of the airplane crew may tell you that you cannot use the car seat inside the plane. You need to be prepared to advocate for the safe use of the seat accurate but politely. You have to know your rights and what the regulations say regarding a CARES harness or an approved infant car seat on an airline and be able to explain it to flight attendants who are ignorant.

Carry Your Own Car Seat When Renting a Car

FAA approved car seat

Rental car seat

According to consumer Reports, while you could always rent a car seat when traveling, this is not advisable as unfamiliarity with the car seat can result in errors in installation and usage. Moreover, many car seats that you may rent will not come with installation or usage instructions. I can confidently say that waiting in a sub zero parking lot while your husband tries to install a strange car seat is one of the worst things you would not want to wish on your worst enemy.

Train Travel

Unfortunately you cannot reserve a seat on a train and even if you could, you cannot install an infant or convertible car seat on the train seats. As such all that you can do is to ensure that you are careful with your toddler to ensure they do not fall out of your lap with the movement of the train.

Find the entire list of FAA approved car seat and tips on Sheryl Brown’s website.

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